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4 Factors Contributing to Your High E-commerce Websites’ Return Rate

The e-commerce process is simple; a customer chooses a specific product, pays for it, and then the business owner packages the product and ships it to them. The customer receives the product and, in turn, leaves a great review. They can spread the word about the business, and this can lead to more prospects trooping to that e-commerce store.

But, e-commerce platform delivery processes don’t turn out to be as smooth as that. A customer may be unsatisfied with what they’ve received and choose to return it. The return process is time-consuming and costly. That’s why you should acquaint yourself with the reasons causing such returns and initiate preventive measures before starting your own e-commerce business. Here, are the reasons contributing to high return rates on e-commerce platforms:


– Low-quality photos for your listed products on e-commerce platforms

Buying online means customers are not able to physically interact with products. That’s why products are listed on e-commerce platforms in the form of photos and videos. The customer will click on the product photos and watch the videos to get a sense of how the products look. This underscores the need for high-resolution photos for the products. The photos should also be taken from different angles to showcase the products satisfactorily. If you’re running an apparel e-commerce website, it’s a good idea to display photos of people wearing the clothing. When taking the photos, ensure the background doesn’t distract the customer and the lighting is bright.

– Inaccurate sizes or specifications on your e-commerce websites

E-commerce customers purchase products about the sizes and specifications you list. If you run an apparel business, you need to provide a lot of information on sizes and specifications. And if you sell apparel beyond borders, you’ll need to have a conversion chart. You cannot just list apparel as a ‘’size 8” because this will be least helpful. Make a point to list specific measurements, such as hips, waist, inseam, and shoulder. If you have all this information displayed on your online store, your return rate will drop significantly. Better still, you can put up a dedicated support system for customers to get more detailed information about particular apparel.

– Dispatching the wrong items from your e-commerce platforms

Wrong item dispatch is one of the main reasons for high return rate on your e-commerce platforms. In fact, according to research, about 23% of returns occur as a result of dispatching the wrong items. Note that customers feel bad when they open their package and find something that they didn’t order. They will not only be unhappy, but also they might never buy from you again. Worse still, they might leave a negative review, which might ruin your business reputation. Customers who are lenient will simply initiate a return procedure and ask for the right product to be delivered. Others will demand that their money is returned to buy elsewhere. That’s why you need to be very serious about your order fulfillment process. Employ competent staff to take care of order fulfillment, and they should be responsible in case a wrong item is delivered to the customer.

– Damaged products can increase your e-commerce websites’ return rate

A flawless product can leave your dispatch station but gets damaged or broken in the course of shipment or delivery. This can cause a big problem for you and the customer. The customer won’t be happy because they’ll have to initiate a return procedure for a new one to be shipped again. This can inconvenience them. You will also incur losses, as the product can’t be sold now. To prevent this problem, make sure your packaging is up to the mark or use accustomed shipping companies that will take responsibility in case of any breakage or damage.


The high return rate on your e-commerce website can destroy the reputation of your business. It causes a lot of inconvenience to the customer, and no customer wants that. They may give you the benefit of the doubt, but if the problem persists, they will abandon your website. So make sure your order fulfillment process is streamlined to avoid those inconveniences.