3 Signs You Need a New E-Commerce Website for Your Online Shop

Selling online through your e-commerce website is a luxury business. You get customers from all corners of the world. You make sales while asleep or on holiday. Though, for you to enjoy these benefits, you need have an attractive website that draws large traffic of online visitors. Not only this, it should have the ability to turn the visitors into customers.

Above all, your site must win the customer’s trust and pass their credibility test to assure you success. Also, the customers need to have the best user experience for them to continue shopping at a given online store.  Any negative effect on their experience leads to poor performance and definite loss of sales. Here are some of the signs that inform you need a change on your e-commerce website or a new one:

i. Outdated codes

With the current internet-powered innovations, changes are happening at the rate of lightning speed. The coding you used to build your website five years ago may be outdated in the year. Web developers are introducing new features and applications to enhance online selling and customer experience. However, your current website coding may not be compatible with the new web developments.

Importantly, the new developments enhance your website security which is an opportunity for enhancing your trust and gaining more customers. In this regard, ignoring this changes make your website a green garden for cyber-attacks. To avoid such occurrences, you need to move your store to a new website compatible with modern coding structures.

ii.  Declining loading speed

Your website loading speed does not only improve your customer experience, but it is also a determiner of your SEO rank on the Google. Search engines always fall in love with sites loading at high speed. For this reason, a continuous decline in loading speed should be an indicator you need to rethink your website. Also, remember, no customer has a whole day to wait for your site to load. As such, if your site is slow even after taking all the necessary steps to boost the loading speed, you need to decide to move to a new one

iii.   The website is not catering to your current business needs

In your startup stage, you seek for an e-commerce website that is simple even if it has limited features. This happens due to budgetary constraints. When your business expands and experiences some growth, new needs arise. For instance, you’d require catering for extra traffic and enhancing security. Most likely, the startup website may not be able to support new demands. As such, in this situation, you need to move to a new website if you want to continue making profits.