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Linking Building: Proven Strategy for e-commerce Websites to Generate More Traffic

All e-commerce websites have one thing in common; to produce as much traffic as possible. Traffic means purchases which in turn means sales resulting in profit. So the higher the traffic, the higher the profit. Even the best free e-commerce website builders make their money through ensuring their traffic keeps increasing.

Link building is one of the leading ways e-commerce platforms get many visitors. When done correctly, it can place your website at the top of big search engines like Google. This will increase your online visibility and attract more people to your site.


Content creation for e-commerce websites

Top e-commerce solutions providers know that maintaining a consistent system of content is one way you can build links to your site. This is usually achieved through developing a blog where the posts link to your website. You can opt for internal linking, external linking or both. While internal linking calls for connecting your site pages through content, external linking connects your site with content from other sites. Both will attract site visitors as they navigate across your site by clicking on links in content either within your site or someone else’s site. 

Creation of Resources pages on e-commerce websites

The most successful e-commerce solutions providers can agree that developing a Resource page on their sites has increased their traffic immeasurably. Resource pages are those places on a website where visitors go to look for information relevant to the products and services being sold on the site.

Resource pages open unique opportunities for site owners to get links, as long as the links are relevant. You will need to ask for links, although it is not easy to get them. However, there is a very high chance that someone in your circle of family, friends, and colleagues has a blog or a website you can link to your site.

E-commerce websites should make it easy for people to link to their sites

Do not frustrate your visitors into leaving (and probably cursing) your site. Making it easy for visitors to link to your site is possible using snippets that are HTML ready. They can easily plug into your content. Creating a link page can help those not too savvy with the web able to find different pages on your site by clicking on the links.


Link building is useless if you are offering low-quality products and services. Using creative and attractive e-commerce website templates will help your site visitors enjoy the experience of navigating through your pages as your links guide them. E-commerce solution Shopify can attest to this small fact.